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1. Who Are Premier Cash 4 Cars?

Premier Cash 4 Cars is a Car Removal company based in Florida.

2. Where Do You Operate?

Our Car Removal service is available for all Florida locations, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial locations. We also provide Car Removals for vehicles located on or off-road.

3. What is Cash for Cars?

‘Cash for Cars’ refers to a highly convenient process we use for car sellers. It allows you to sell your car for cash quickly, without hassle and also includes your vehicle’s collection by our Car Removal team.

4. How Much Can I Get for My Car?

This depends on a few factors, but Premier Cash 4 Cars pays up to thousands for vehicles, even those which are no longer roadworthy. Our trusted team provides honest and competitive Cash for Cars deals so that you can rest assured that you’ll be offered the best deal in Florida.

5. Are Car Removals for Free?

Absolutely! For every vehicle we purchase, we offer to collect it free of charge from anywhere in Florida. Why pay to have your vehicle disposed of when you can have it towed free of charge by Florida’s top Cash for Cars service.

6.Do You Pay Cash for Old, Damaged Or Scrap Cars?

At Premier Cash 4 Cars, we accept all cars no matter what condition they currently are in. This includes damaged, old, wrecked, scrap, junk and broken down cars. If you own a junk car which is lying around and collecting cobwebs, why not get it sold for a top Cash for Cars payment today?

7. What Other Vehicles Do You Accept?

Premier Cash 4 Cars Florida doesn’t just purchase cars, but a wide range of other vehicle types including trucks, buses, vans, boats, motorbikes, heavy machinery, scrap metal and even multiple vehicles at once.

8. What Do I Bring to My Car Removal Appointment?

We’ll bring the necessary documents to transfer your vehicle to us. You’ll simply need to bring photo ID such as your driver’s license, and proof of ownership documents.

9. What Parts of My Car are Valuable?

There are many parts in a car which are valuable, even if that car is no longer working. These include:

10. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Yes, Premier Cash 4 Cars Florida is a fully insured and licensed Auto Wrecking company. We are passionate about being Florida’s authentic Car Removal service which locals can trust. Our Car Removal Experts are also properly trained and highly experienced to handle any job with confidence.

11. How Do I Contact Premier Cash 4 Cars?

You can get in touch with us by calling us at +1 4048408610 . or getting a quote online

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