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If you live in Florida and have an unwanted vehicle that you want to sell but are dreading the hassle it takes to sell a vehicle, we have the solution for you: Premier Cash 4 Cars’ Florida Car Wreckers service. With a speedy Cash for Cars service which includes free car towing, you can have your vehicle sold and collected over one phone call and one quick appointment with us.

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How Long Does It Take to Sell My Car for Cash in Florida?

We provided a renowned and time-efficient Car Removal service which gets you more money, faster. We can be with you the same day you give us a call and our Cash for Cars appointment can be completed in less than an hour – usually about 30 minutes.

To make things go more smoothly for you, we provide the necessary paperwork to transfer ownership of your vehicle to us. We also provide ‘Instant Quotes’ without needing to inspect your vehicle in person.

You can get a quote by:

1. Calling Premier Cash 4 Cars at +1 4048408610 .
2. Submitting your car’s details via our ‘Get a Quote’ form online

What to Bring to Your Florida Cash for Cars Appointment

We’ll handle all the paperwork, simply bring photo ID and any documents for proof of ownership. Your number plates will need to be collected too. We also recommend that you give one last search for valuables in your vehicle, as you never know what might be there!

From Written-Off Cars to Junk Cars – We Pay Cash for Cars and No Matter What Shape They’re In

Whether your vehicle has been written off, is wrecked or is no longer drivable, you can count on Premier Cash 4 Cars to purchase it for an agreeable price. Give us a call if you have any questions about selling your car if you’re unsure if it can be sold or not and we’ll happily explain it to you.

How Much Can I Get for My Car from Premier Cash 4 Cars Florida?

The price of your vehicle depends on many factors but you can anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. If you want to get an idea of how much you’ll get, our Free Car Valuations only take minutes. We’ll ask you for some details of your vehicle such as:

Scrap Car Wreckers

Our quotes are made accurately and honestly, and we’re happy for you to take your time in deciding to accept our deal.

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If you’re ready to Sell Your Car for Cash, we’ll be happy to give you the service you need at any time.

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We do not have any branches in other countries. In Australia Top Cash For Cars Brisbane offers car buying and wrecking services. Metro car removals Sydney offers wrecking and used car buying services.

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